Photo by Hannah Baik.

When it comes to yogurt, there are many benefits to going Greek. The liquid whey is removed from Greek yogurt, differentiating it from regular yogurt. This process can significantly reduce sugar and it results in the thick, creamy texture associated with Greek yogurt. Plain Greek yogurt can have twice as much protein as many regular commercial yogurts, and it is a great source of probiotics, which are important for good digestive health. For the best quality, check the ingredients label; plain Greek yogurt should contain milk and live active cultures. Avoid thickeners like cornstarch and gelatin.

I often find myself in Soho on the weekends, and after a day of walking, Chobani makes for a great afternoon snack. In an expensive city, it's tough to find so many delicious options under $10. Guess what else? You get to keep your glass dish! (If you eat there, you can request a clean one to take home.) Eco-friendly and generous. What's not to love?

You can pick up your own recipe cards at the Chobani Soho cafe, located at the corner of Prince St. and West Broadway, but I snagged some to share with you (click to enlarge). Remember, plain yogurt doesn't have to taste plain. Sweet or savory, there are endless possibilities. I encourage you to experiment with your yogurt at home! Below are some ideas to help inspire you. Click here to view the full Chobani Soho menu.