Summer is drawing to a close. Next week will bring the autumnal equinox, and I find myself feeling reflective.

This past July I enjoyed a relaxing vacation on Nantucket. I napped on the beach, swam in the ocean and ran through the beautiful conservation land near our house. I also savored farm fresh produce. When I think of what summer tastes like - I think fresh. Freshly sliced watermelon, a juicy peach, a vine-ripened tomato. The season is abundant with ready-to-eat fruits and vegetables.

When I returned to Manhattan, I no longer saw stars in the night sky or woke up to an avian chorus, but I still had access to locally grown foods! And I found myself inspired to make a greater effort to get to the farmers’ market on weekends. Fortunately, New York City offers many different farmers’ markets, a surprising number of which are open year round.

I encourage you to find one near you and take a bite of something fresh. Knowing where my food comes from is important to me. If you haven't read Estabrook's Tomatoland, here's a quick summary. It might make you think twice next time you pick up a tomato from a chain supermarket...

In the northeast, tomatoes are in season for another week or so. Go find out what one should really taste like.