Photo by A_teen/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by A_teen/iStock / Getty Images

Mondays set the tone for the week. Your mindset and your actions on a Monday can influence your mood throughout the week. Start the week with healthy choices and you might find that you're more motivated to maintain these practices in the coming days.

So maybe you splurged on dessert over the weekend or opted to sleep late instead of attending Sunday morning yoga. It's OK - you're human. But when Monday rolls around it's time to get back on track. If you have trouble eating well, you many want to consider recording your food intake. Many nutritionists recommend keeping a food log to track progress. You might stop eating things you don't want to admit to. This note pad from Knock Knock will make it much easier. Plus it's magnetic. Stick it on the fridge - you might open the door less! (Please remove before having company.)

I'm a big advocate for morning workouts. I often work late so I'm not guaranteed gym time post office. So I wake up early and run before work. It's my 'me' time and I look forward to it. But maybe running's not your thing or you aren't able to run for other reasons. That's OK! Take time to explore exercise options and discover what does work for you. I find that a satisfying morning workout motivates me to continue making healthy choices throughout the day.

Organize your refrigerator. Position healthy items in clear view. Flip through your favorite cookbooks for some healthy inspiration. Didn't make it to the grocery store over the weekend? Make time on Monday... and arrive prepared. Having a grocery list will keep you on track and you'll come home with ingredients you can actually make a meal with. Stocking the fridge with healthy options will make things easier, and you'll be less tempted to reach for something bad (since I know you're still hiding some treats in your cabinets!). 

Perhaps social obligations kept you out late on Saturday. Or maybe you slept until noon on Sunday (often guilty). Weekends can be disruptive to our sleeping patterns. Monday is the start of the work week for many of us. Adequate sleep on Sunday and Monday nights will help energize you for the days ahead. Try drinking herbal tea before bed. Read a book. Listen to relaxing music; I like the Cristobal's 'Sleepy Mood' playlist on Spotify. If those aren't enough, Melatonin might be an option for you. Consult with your doctor if you are taking other medications or have any concerns. I find it is more effective when used sporadically. 

Put your Sunday scaries to rest and get excited about Mondays! Picture how good you'll feel on Friday after five days of healthy living. You'll be glowing by the weekend.