Life is filled with difficult decisions. Choosing what to put on your skin should not be one of them. But in a consumer-driven world, misleading labels and persuasive advertising can make it challenging to decipher good from bad, natural from harmful. Fortunately we have Spirit Beauty Lounge to help with the homework. Spirit Demerson founded Spirit Beauty Lounge after studying cosmetology and spending years researching the chemistry behind beauty products. Along the way she discovered just how difficult it can be to find natural, sustainable products that actually work... And even harder to find glamorous ones! And so, she created Spirit Beauty Lounge to make our lives easier. 

If you see it here, you know it's safe. All SBL products are Spirit-tested and must past a strict checklist before being considered. All packaging must be either 100% biodegradable, reusable, or recyclable. Products cannot be tested on animals or contain parabens, synthetic fragrances, or any of these other scary ingredients. And beyond that you can be assured that all products are selected based on their purity, potency, and even company ethics. 

Look for all your favorite natural brands, like RMS Beauty, Tata Harper, and Ilia. Want to try something new? For $25 you can make a custom sample kit, which includes up to 6 of your personally selected picks. Check out special features like GOOP picks and gift ideas for everyone on your list. 

Spirit has raised the bar for beauty. Feel your best and most beautiful, knowing you are helping to keep our Earth beautiful too.