Photo by Hannah Baik.

Photo by Hannah Baik.

Last month I picked up a copy of Martha Stewart's newest cookbook, Clean Slate, put together by the editors of Living. This book's been getting a lot of buzz, and it's all for good reason! Clean Slate puts a fresh perspective on healthy eating and provides mouth-watering recipes, satisfying enough to keep you from steering off-track. But Clean Slate is more than just a cookbook. It provides Martha's 'golden rules' for a healthy lifestyle, a complete menu for a 21 day detox plan, and a nutrient index - all in addition to a comprehensive offering of healthy breakfasts, snacks, main meals, and treats. And each recipe comes with a caloric breakdown per serving.

Healthy eating might sound dull to some of you foodies, but I promise there are ways to create flavor packed meals with beneficial ingredients. Once you cut processed foods and added sugars out of your diet, you will be amazed by how refined your palate will be become! Artificial flavors are extremely overpowering (and addictive). They desensitize your taste buds, making it difficult to detect and appreciate some of the more subtle flavors in nature. Give them up and you'll be amazed by what you gain (and it won't be lbs!).

With spring around the corner, it's the perfect time to reevaluate your diet and find new inspiration. Get back on track with recipes like Poached Chicken with Bok Choy in Ginger Broth or simple, refreshing combinations like the Grapefruit, Salmon, and Avocado Salad. For those with a sweet tooth, give the Chocolate 'pudding' a try; it's made with avocado! I added a half banana to the recipe for added sweetness. Sprinkle with sea salt and enjoy! 

A recycled Chobani dish makes a great ramekin for pudding!