I am going to make a generalization here, but I think it's safe to say that most New Yorkers are busy people. While we have access to almost anything we could need at any hour, it doesn't always mean that we have time to run our errands. Ideally I would buy most of my produce at farmer's markets, but my office hours make it impossible to shop there on weekdays and weekends often fill up with other commitments. 

Luckily I live close to several grocery stores with accommodating hours. I try to make the best choices available, but grocery stores don't always offer local produce and even organic items can look tired. This makes sense because so much of our produce is imported from distant locations - picked before ripe, shipped across the globe, and placed on a shelf for days. And then consider how long it might sit on your counter or in your refrigerator...

To obtain the most nutrients, it's best to eat most produce shortly after it is picked. Many fruits and vegetables reach their nutritional peak when ripe. But as mentioned above, long transit times force growers to harvest underdeveloped produce so it can withstand the journey. So your juicy peach may have suffered nutrient loss by the time it reaches your mouth. Learn more here.

So here's a solution for busy New Yorkers with limited access to or time to buy high quality foods. Introducing GOOD EGGS, an online service offering local and organic products delivered to your door. With selections like organic micro greens from Good Water Farms, organic rhubarb from Lancaster Farm Fresh COOP, sheep's milk yogurt from Old Chatham Sheepherding Co (a new favorite of mine), wild Cape Cod mussels, and local organic almond milk (without all the usual scary sounding additives), you might find it difficult to wait until your delivery slot! Good Eggs also offers bundles such as fresh fruit for the week (a varying selection depending on what's in season) or delicious sounding meal kits like the Maple Ginger Salmon or Makhani Tikka Chicken. Delivery costs range from Free to $7.99 and delivery is available between 12pm-10pm with 2, 4, or 6 hour slot options. 

Aside from New York, Good Eggs also offers service in LA, SF Bay, and New Orleans. Good Eggs has high standards, so you can rest assured that your food is coming from local farms with sustainable practices and fair treatment of employees. 

It's time to start your day sunny side up!