Girlfriend Collective is a brand we should all be talking about. Because they. are. awesome. As if their minimalist-chic and high quality workout gear isn't enough to grab the attention of every cool girl scrolling through Instagram, their mission makes the product even more attractive. 

The fabrics they use are made from post-consumer recycled water bottles from Taiwan. That's right, by buying a pair, you are encouraging recycling, and thus preventing water bottles from ending up in landfills and oceans where they cause an enormous amount of harm to our environment and innocent animals. The plastic water bottles get delivered by the bale to a processing center where they are weighed, cleaned and sorted. The center is certified by the Taiwanese Government so you can trust that their procedures are monitored closely and that all these water bottles were in fact used by consumers prior to arriving. Sadly, in other parts of the world, brand new water bottles are often used (in an effort to claim that fabrics are "recycled") because it's cheaper than gathering and cleaning pre-used bottles. How messed up is that?! 

After labels are removed and bottles are washed, they are sorted by color. Girlfriend collective uses clear plastic for the their fabrics but the colored ones are sent elsewhere to be used for other things. The clear bottles are then ground up into tiny chips. There is more washing of the chips involved and more processes to get the plastic into smaller and smaller pieces before eventually transforming into superfine threads. The threads are then spun into yarn and ready to be knit.

Once the fabric is knit it's time to dye it into the gorgeous colors offered by Girlfriend Collective. And guess what? Girlfriend Collective is 100% committed to safe dye processes so you can rest assured that no harmful wastewater is released into the environment. Instead, the water goes through a rigorous cleaning process where dye and fibers are taken out. The water is measured for cleanliness and is only released after approval from the Taiwanese EPA. Amazing.

But it doesn't stop there. The fabric is sent to a Danish family-owned factory in Vietnam that is SA8000 certified. What exactly does that mean? Well, here are some of the things it covers: it guarantees no forced labor or child labor, monitors the work environment for health and safety, ensures that workers are provided at least one day off for every six and that overtime does not exceed 12hr/week, regulates to make sure overtime is not requested on a regular basis, and does not tolerate discrimination of any kind. And that's only some of what it guarantees. Factory workers making your Girlfriend Collective goods are paid at least 125% of the local minimum wage. Daytime workers are given free catered lunches and those working evening shifts are provided dinners. Girlfriend Collective offers workers guided exercise breaks and not only provides health insurance, but also covers the cost for health check-ups every 6 months. 

Aside from their admirable manufacturing standards, this brand is also recognized for embracing women of all sizes, shapes and colors. Check out their gorgeous models on Instagram and their website. And in case you needed any more reasons to go place your order immediately, for the month of October, Girlfriend Collective is donating 100% of the profits from its Dusty Rose capsule collection to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation. I just ordered my Dusty Rose Paloma bra and can't to wear it with my GC leggings (I own two pairs in black). Hope to see you all out there in pink. #girlpower