It's time to exchange your lackluster winter skin for a springtime glow! See below for my top picks for the season!

I was so excited when REN launched this product in January. I’ve been using it a few times a week (probably 4-5 times) on my face after nightly cleansing and everyday on my underarms as a deodorant (see my last post to read more!). It’s a toner with acids and citrus oils to brighten and even out skin tone, while encouraging the skin to naturally exfoliate. I recommend using it every other day as you’re starting out so your skin can adjust to it slowly. It may cause some initial irritation if you have sensitive skin and temporary redness after use so I suggest night use only. It’s nothing extreme though and once your skin is used to it, it’s pretty fantastic. Warning: results may cause double-takes in the mirror.

I realize this might (OK, definitely) sound excessive, but I currently own and use five different cleansers. At night I double cleanse with Tata Harper’s nourishing oil cleanser, followed by her purifying one. Then I use the Odacite matcha cleanser one to two times a week in place of the purifying cleanser. And in the shower I have one physical exfoliant from Red Flower and this Indie Lee cleanser. I exfoliate 1-3 times a week depending on the time of year and/or my skin’s needs. So the times I shower but don’t exfoliate, I’ve been using this. It’s still new to my routine but I’m liking it so far. The real bonus is that it doubles as the most amazing makeup brush cleaner. Check out my recent demonstration on Instagram!

This rosehip oil is so pure (a lot of other oils are filled with carrier oils and actually have rosehip pretty low down on the ingredients list) and fabulous. It’s got only 4 ingredients: rosehip seed extract, rosehip fruit extract, natural vitamin E and rosemary extract. Pai wanted to create the best possible rosehip oil so they “use volcanically sourced CO2 supercritical extraction to derive a unique blend of rosehip fruit and seed oil.” It’s a more expensive procedure than cold pressing but they explain, “the result is a beautiful deep orange oil, packed with twice the regenerative sterols and five times more cartenoids than your average cold-pressed rosehip seed oil.” So if you’re in the market for a rosehip oil (and you should be), this is the one to get. It can help brighten skin, reduce hyper-pigmentation, hydrate, eliminate blemishes - need I go on? I use it as the final step in my skincare routine at night, applying one drop to my forehead and one to each cheek, then gently patting the oil into the skin, reaching all areas of the face.

I love the idea of using eye patches to wake up the face before big events, or simply as a self care ritual from time to time, especially since under eye circles are my biggest enemy. But as I researched a lot of popular patches on the market, I noticed a lot of them contain ingredients I’d rather not put around my eyes. But then I found these gems from Honest Hazel. Each $12 pack contains 3 treatment pouches, and I just discovered that they come in bigger packs as well. The ingredient list is short and easy to pronounce: cactus collagen, arbutin (an extract from the bearberry plant that is used for lightening skin), vitamin C, vitamin E, hyaluronic acid, natural glycerin, aloe vera, vitamin B3 and rose oil. I did notice they were sliding downward when I first put them on, so I reached out to Honest Hazel for some advice. They suggested to put them in the fridge for 15 minutes before use (sounds very cooling and wonderful!), and to remove some of the excess formula before application. You can make a scissor with your index and middle fingers and slide the patch between them to take some extra off. The patches may take a minute or two to thermo react with your skin temp but after that they should stay in place.

I’ve been exposed to a lot of sunlight over the years and since I’m turning 30 in April, I’m all about taking preventative measures to keep my skin looking its best. Hyper-pigmentation from sun damage is my biggest skin concern at this time. I returned from a recent trip to Florida with a healthy glow and some new forehead freckles which were starting to look a little bigger and on the patchier side. Don’t get me wrong - I like the look of freckles - but these ones had me feeling a little more damaged than fresh faced and youthful. I’d been eyeing this lightening serum for a few months but upon my return from vacation, I decided it was time to spring for it. I’ve only been using it for a couple weeks at night, but I’ve already seen results - not kidding. This formula is very high quality and I highly recommend it for a natural approach to treating hyper-pigmentation.