This Nolita hot spot (in fact the bathroom mirror will tell you verbatim, you’re always hot in the DEZ!) just opened yesterday and has already generated quite a buzz. DEZ is brought to you by Eden Grishpan (of Eden Eats) and Samantha Wasser (from By Chloe), two women with an eye for style and a taste for trend. Escape the desert heat with a rose lemonade, an iced CAP Beauty matcha, or even a rosé sangria, and take in your surroundings - chevron tile tables, truchet style booths, and bohemian-vibe banquettes - while you wait for your fresh Middle Eastern fare. Enjoy a range of meze offerings, salads, pitas, bowls, and much, much more! Many offerings can be made vegan upon request.

Come for the food but stay for chic people watching and endless instagram opportunities. Another perk is that DEZ serves biodegradable paper straws and has a separate bin for recyclables next to the trash! DEZ is located at 227 Mulberry St.

Seeds & Veg Salad, Rose Lemonade, and Tomato Mez.

Seeds & Veg Salad, Rose Lemonade, and Tomato Mez.


Photography by Colin Ziemer.