the coolest coffee on canal


I left corporate life in March, but somehow I still find myself frequenting the office... Office Coffee that is! Canal Street Market (if you’ve never been, picture a Chelsea Market type situation with part shopping, part food, then add an extra dose of cool) opened to the public at the end of 2016, with the adjacent food hall opening a few months later. The space is beautiful and host to lots of interesting events, many of which are design related. There’s even a new instillation (today - June 17) for all you soccer fans out there, where you can watch World Cup Games and play foosball or FIFA!

Many of the food vendors at the market are rotating, but Office Coffee has been a staple since the start, and it’s the only food vendor over on the retail side. Reason being, Office Coffee is actually an offshoot of Office Magazine, a biannual artistic publication on fashion, culture, entertainment, and more. Head to Office Coffee for a delicious smoothie or smoothie bowl and order a matcha or cold brew while you’re at it. Soak in the stylish surroundings and grab some gorgeous stems from Fox Fodder Farm, a talented florist, on your way out. Canal Street Market is located at 265 Canal Street. It’s just around the corner from the Glossier showroom, so you’re welcome, just made your Saturday plans.


Pictured above are the Lafayette Bowl (dragon fruit, peach, banana, oat milk, granola, lucama, kiwi, and cacao nibs) and the Crosby Bowl (blue majik - algae, pineapple, banana, lychee, and coconut milk, topped with fruit and granola).


Photography by Colin Ziemer.