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With the summer solstice just two weeks away, I thought it’d be the perfect time to *highlight* (see what I did there?!) some of my favorite light-catching products that will give you the perfect summer sheen and ethereal glow. See below for my top picks for the season!

I rarely buy a product without testing it first. Last summer I made multiple trips to Credo (my favorite natural beauty spot in Nolita) in search of the perfect highlighter. I tried this serum on multiple occasions, wearing it home and examining it in the honest light of my bathroom - the best place to judge any product in my opinion. After a few wears (and tests with the different shades) I knew I needed to add the Maya Chia serum to my collection! Be sure to shake the bottle vigorously before use, as I do find the product separates a lot and can either come out too thick or too watery. The two main ingredients in the serum are chia seed oil and broccoli seed oil, so you’re feeding your skin nutrients while adding glow. You can mix with your moisturizer or foundation for an all-over glow, or apply in specific areas. I like to lightly pat it onto my cheekbones, let it set for a minute or so and then apply foundation or tinted moisturizer. This way the foundation will blend and blur any signs of the obvious placement and the rest of your face will benefit from a subtle shimmering sheen. I have this in shade “Golden Hour.” It gives a luminous lunar glow.

The living luminizer is one of Rose-Marie Swift’s original products and it has gained a cult following over the years, in addition to winning many beauty awards. If you prefer a natural look but still want that dewy highlight, this is the product for you. It's nice and sheer, blends seamlessly into skin, feels hydrating, and catches light in the most gorgeous way. It doesn’t have any glitter particles so it barely feels like you’re wearing makeup. It comes in a convenient little pot that takes very little real estate in your makeup bag. You can toss it in your purse and reapply between the office and dinner.

With summer, come shorter hemlines and strappy sundresses. With more skin exposed, it’s even more important to exfoliate regularly and stay moisturized. This sugar-based shimmer scrub from Frank Body gently exfoliates, energizes the skin with ground coffee beans, and leaves a gorgeous layer of shimmer on the skin that stays with you long after the shower. Simply apply to your body in the shower and leave it on while you shampoo and condition your hair. Then gently scrub and rinse, towel off, et voilà: glowing goddess. The scrub contains mica which is responsible for the gorgeous shimmer. I like to follow up with the Rose Quartz Body Oil from Herbivore for double the impact!

Linda Rodin, longtime stylist and past fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar, began mixing oil blends in her bathroom when she couldn’t find the right products on the market. It all started with her luxury face oil, a simple blend of high quality oils, in 2008. Since then the line has expanded to include body oil, hair oil, lip balm, lipsticks, perfume, and more. And the brand just partnered with famed fashion illustrator, Donald Robertson (whom I met yesterday!), to release a limited edition mermaid glow collection. I attended a launch event for the collection yesterday and purchased the illuminating glow powder, which comes in the most adorably illustrated mermaid packaging. The powder itself is stunning - a gorgeous swirl of highlighting shades that can be applied subtly or built up for a full-on luster effect. Get it while you can!