Happy New Year to all! I apologize for the hiatus in December – it was a hectic month! However, I feel invigorated after an end-of-year vacation and ready to kick start the new year with healthy habits!

I was inspired by a recent post on Zen Habits which encouraged creating New Year’s habits each month instead of one or two new year’s resolutions, which can be hard to maintain throughout the course of a year. This brought to mind an annual assembly that was held on the first day of my elementary school. The assembly’s focus was on habits, and it touched upon the 21 day theory: a habit can be formed after 3 weeks. This time frame is commonly disputed and many will argue that it can take much longer. But I like the hopeful outlook that each month we can focus on developing new habits that will carry us through the year. Perhaps by year’s end we will have 12 new ones! Of course some habits will stick more than others, but having a new objective to focus on each month will renew your energy, and your usual new year’s resolution won’t feel stale by March.

Some of my monthly focuses are inspired directly by Zen Habits and others are more personalized. I encourage you to make a calendar of your own goals. Cheers to a new year and a better you!