I first learned of Moon Juice in the September 2014 issue of Town & Country. I was intrigued by the Beauty Tonic and Beauty Dust, and found myself checking the website until the items were available (they launched this past fall).

Last week I got to meet Moon Juice founder Amanda Chantal Bacon at the opening of Story’s Well Being chapter. (Future post on Story to come!) She is beaming with moonlight in person! Amanda explains that she “created Moon Juice for people interested in a new way of living” and describes it as “a cosmic beacon for those seeking out beauty, wellness, and longevity.“ Sounds pretty great, right?

Moon Juice has three California locations: Venice, Silverlake, and the Ace Hotel in Downtown LA. Her shops offer fresh pressed juices with uncommon combinations like Honeydew, Cilantro & Lime and Fennel, Frond & Herb: fennel, cucumber, green apple and basil. You can also try her Moon Milks, with offerings like the Probiotic Mango Lassi or Vanilla Fig. View the full menu here.

Fear not New Yorkers, you can still get a taste of moonlight. Moon Dusts and Moon Pantry items are available for purchase online. Moon Dusts are made from rare ingredients, like pearl, found in the Beauty and Spirit Dusts. Each dust has a unique combination of ingredients with a different purpose. Body Dust is great for maintaining strong and healthy tissue, muscles, and bones. Try the Beauty Dust for firmer skin, increased collagen production, and stronger hair and nails. Add your favorite dust to 8oz of hot or cold beverages or your smoothie.

Moon Juice might be out-of-this-world good, but at least it’s available in our Universe!