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Photo by Poike/iStock / Getty Images

I apologize that I haven't posted much in the last year - it was a hectic one. I found that my job was taking up so much of my energy and what I was spending my time on wasn't something I felt passionate about. I felt very stuck and unfulfilled. Last October, one week before my wedding, I attended a wellness workshop where I met Yuri Dhara, a meditation guru who later became my teacher. I met with her again in December and began my one-on-one counseling. From there everything began to shift. She taught me that the universe meets you where you are. And I have found it to be true. I was feeling under-appreciated and overworked in my full time position at a corporate fashion brand. I was visibly unhappy (or at least I assumed others noticed) and fed up with working long hours for little pay. I felt stuck; with no savings I felt that I couldn't afford to leave a job without another lined up. I was also feeling too burnt out from work to put energy into updating my portfolio and applying to new positions. And worst of all, I had lost some confidence in myself.

Fast forward to April. After a few months of steady meditation, I was really starting to feel like my best self again. I had confidence in my abilities and my skill set and knew that if I took some time off and really focused on my own work, I would have no trouble landing a desirable role at a coveted brand. But then a funny thing happened. I finally gave notice, and in my last week of work, I was asked to come back and freelance at the same company, but with better hours and increased pay. So I said yes, and what was supposed to be a three week contract extended into a May-October gig. I was praised for my good work, kept getting asked to stay longer (even after my position had been filled!) and was thoroughly respected and appreciated. The universe met me where I was. I finally felt confident in myself, happier, less tied down - and that energy made me more attractive to those around me. So a new opportunity presented itself.

When I first met Yuri, I told her point-blank, my job is the problem. It's making me so unhappy. I need to leave it. She urged me to stay in my position and see how I felt after a few weeks of meditation. She told me that happiness is where you are. And it's true. I came back and did the same work as my previous role but actually enjoyed it. Because I had changed. Not the job.

I encourage everyone to begin or continue a regular meditation practice. I really believe it's a key factor in living your best life. My freelance contract ends tomorrow and I feel incredibly excited for what's ahead. I feel so inspired and creative - I'm bursting with ideas for my future. I think a lot of us get so stuck in our day-to-day routines that we forget about the bigger picture. But it's important to remind ourselves.

I am twenty-nine years old. A living member of the relatively new human race. Born in the twentieth century, before the invention of the internet. I live on a 4.5 billion year old planet, which orbits around a star. One star within a solar system, within a galaxy within a universe filled with galaxies. And I feel pretty fortunate to be a part of the only species on the planet with this knowledge.

A couple years ago I heard Latham Thomas, author of Mama Glow and Own Your Glow, speak at a wellness workshop. She told the audience there is "a teaspoon of stardust in each of us," and that it is up to us to reconnect and rediscover who we are and who we are meant to be. So I'm doing just that. I have some strong ideas about my purpose in the world and now it's time that I make concrete goals. Stay tuned as I embark on this next chapter!