St Patrick's day is often associated with binge drinking and artificially green colored food and drink. But for those who want to celebrate in a healthier way, here are a few tips!

Start your day with green. It's no secret that I am a huge fan of matcha; I write about it a lot. The health benefits are numerous. If you've put off trying it, today is a great day to start! You'll feel festive sipping something green.
Tip: If you are looking for weight loss benefits from matcha, be sure to consume it regularly. A sporadic serving will provide antioxidants and a boost of energy, but for metabolic improvement and fat burning, aim to have a teaspoon daily.

Enjoy a green juice at lunch! Fresh pressed juices can be expensive, but it's a holiday, so treat yourself! And it probably costs the same as a beer at many New York bars. Currently my favorite green combination is spinach, apple, kale, cucumber, and lime (or lemon).
Tip: It's best to limit yourself to one fruit per juice. More than that can cause a blood sugar spike - remember that juices are fiber free and enter your bloodstream immediately. 

At the end of the day relax with a little something Irish. I can't speak highly enough of this new mask from Peter Thomas Roth. It's made with 9,000 year old Irish moor mud, which has the highest content of organic matter in the world, thanks to all those of years of plants decomposing into the waters (Where has this been all my life?!). It also contains the moisturizing hijiki seaweed and detoxifying volcanic ash and charcoal. This mask draws out impurities while simultaneously supercharging your skin with nutrients. Grab a sample at Sephora if you want to test before purchase (which I always recommend).
Tip: Always apply your mask to cleansed skin. Wash your cleanser off with warm water or gently steam your face to open pores before the treatment. Take a couple minutes to massage the mask into your face. This will help it penetrate more deeply. 

Enjoy your day!