Photography by Hannah Baik.

Photography by Hannah Baik.

I love that natural beauty products are becoming more main stream as people gain awareness of the harmful ingredients found in so many cosmetics. I love that Sephora has started carrying brands like Tata Harper and Ilia. But if you want to know where I get most of my products, the answer is Credo. Credo started in San Francisco and opened in Manhattan last spring. I’m also thrilled to announce that they just opened in my hometown, Boston! For all locations, click here. If you don’t live near one you can always order online

Credo does the research for you so shopping is easy. All products in Credo are free of known harmful ingredients and never tested on animals. Lucky for me, their Nolita boutique is a ten minute walk from my apartment. I didn’t realize how much I frequent the shop until the sales associates started joking that I need to start paying rent! Oops! I love supporting the store and believe in the Credo mission, “to change the way people think about ingredients and products they put on their bodies.” I encourage you all to go read the labels on the products you use everyday. For example, one popular Kiehl’s body lotion contains not one, but three parabens. We are exposed to enough toxins against our will, don’t let the products designed to make you feel more beautiful be another source of danger. That just doesn’t make sense. 

And if you have the perception that “green” beauty is boring, guess again. Credo has lipsticks in every color, stunning highlighters, eye glosses, anti-aging sunless tan serums, shimmering body oils, etc. You’ll feel even more beautiful knowing the products you’re using are not only safe, but made with beneficial, ethically sourced ingredients. 

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Let's just say I'm having a serious Josh Rosebrook moment. And I'm kicking myself that it wasn't until this year that I started using his products! From a young age Josh knew his calling was in hair. He was skilled in styling and cutting, and by his early 20's he was working in high end salons in LA. But he grew frustrated with the lack of natural products on the market. Josh explains, "driven by desire for what I wanted and fascination with natural ingredients, I expanded my background in hair and scalp to the biochemistry of the skin. I began creating my own skin care and the results were astounding." So there you have it. All of Josh's products are centered around plants and he guarantees that all plant ingredients are 100% organic, certified organic or wildcrafted. 

I haven't tried his hair products yet, but I am loving his skin care line. Below I highlight some of my favorites.

While it's true I almost never meet a face mist I don't like, this one stands apart from the rest. It's chock-full of fabulous ingredients like evening primrose oil, sea buckthorn oil, goji berry, ashwaganda, alfalfa, turmeric, and the list goes on. It comes in a full size and travel size bottle (I have one of each) and I love the pressure of the spray (a nice, light mist) and how evenly it distributes on the face. I like to spritz a few times right after using toner (if you don't use toner, use this right after cleansing) before applying serum.

I recently purchased this serum when my prior one ran out, and I am more than impressed. It penetrates right into skin and shares a lot of the fabulous ingredients in the hydrating accelerator like turmeric, alfalfa and ashwaganda, to name a few. The main carrier oils used are avocado and jojoba oils. The combination of ingredients in the serum work to hydrate, brighten, calm and firm the skin. The instructions on the packaging say to apply one pump but I find it distributes a pretty small amount (or at least my bottle does) so I tend to go a few. Overall I'm loving it!

I just tried a sample of this from Credo Beauty and have been using it nightly for the past week. A little goes a long way. It. is. fabulous. It does wonders for dry or dehydrated skin (yes, they are different!). I've been waking up with very balanced feeling skin and I must say, a little glow! I usually use an oil as a final step in my nightly routine (on top of moisturizer) but I haven't even been needing it with this. It contains blue tansy oil, a type of chamomile oil, which gives the balm a natural pale blue color.

I have only sampled this product but I liked it so much that I confess to going back to Credo for a second one! In total I used it for two weeks this summer. It is definitely a splurge, which is why I haven't purchased full size yet, but I think it's a fabulous investment. With SPF 30, it's a wonderful addition to your daily routine. It's not quite makeup - it's so sheer - but I swear it makes your skin look so much better. I used it under my Vapour Organics foundation on weekdays but on its own for casual errands or yoga on the weekends.

This is another one I've only sampled so far but definitely plan to purchase down the road. I used it three times and found it to be very effective. It's a gentle scrub that's applied as a mask and can be left on from 10 min - 1 hour. I left it on for about an hour each time. I recommend wearing an old tee shirt as some particles may fall down if you are active while masking. When you remove it with warm water you get a gentle scrub and the result is baby soft skin. It's dual action, containing fruit and herbal enzymes which help ease off dead skin cells while the finely ground walnut shells act as a physical exfoliant. If you are masking consecutively, I recommend using this one first and either follow directly or the next night with the mask below.

If you have dry or dehydrated skin, this is the mask for you! I'm totally hooked. It is so gentle, yet effective, and can be used daily. I generally apply it after washing my face at night and hang out in it. I also read that Josh likes to apply it to clean skin before showering, allowing the steam of the shower to open the pores so the mask can penetrate even deeper. I haven't tried that yet but I definitely plan to! Like the vital balm, this mask contains blue tansy oil. The formula is blue in the jar but goes on clear. Unlike a lot of masks, this one does not dry down. Because of this, I don't recommend sleeping in it since it would rub off on your pillow. The formula is so advanced that you don't even need water to take it off. You can use a dry towel or cotton pad with a hydrating toner to remove the excess and then follow up with your normal skincare regimen.