Many studies show that we are more attractive to others when we smile. So take advice from this punchy peach lip hue and flash those pearly whites! Smile is a sheer shade of coral/pink that conveniently looks fabulous with glowing skin! Main ingredients include coconut oil, castor seed oil, beeswax and shea butter. Hello hydration! Your lips will thank you. (Can also be used on cheeks.)

We all know summer bodies are made in spring. This blend of digestive enzymes from HUM Nutrition is best taken right before meals, twice a day. Expect improved digestion and reduced bloating (flatter stomach!!). The first three to purchase can use code F52FC for a $10 discount at checkout.

Sun's out, fun's out! As soon as the weather warms up I find myself outside as much as possible on weekends. I'm well aware of the negative effects of sun damage, however, so I do my best to protect my skin as much as possible. This year I started using Coola Sunscreen on my face. This non-greasy formula contains great ingredients: organic primrose oil, plankton extracts, and organic acai oil, to name a few. Learn more on the Coola website and explore their whole range of products. They also make mineral based sunscreen, tinted sunscreen for faces, spf 30 makeup setting spray for all you beauty junkies, and an assortment of spf body sprays and lotions.

Outdoor activity in warmer weather can lead to increased sweat and clogged pores, so be sure to cleanse thoroughly. I've been loving this cleansing nectar from Fig + Yarrow. I started with a travel/trial size bottle and loved it so much I ordered a full size. (Tip: always hang on to your travel size bottles to re-fill for future trips! To avoid wastage, use a small funnel if transporting liquids between bottles.) I use it on a cotton pad as a toner after my cleanser. Order through Fig and Yarrow or Urban Outfitters, which surprisingly has a great offering of natural skin and hair products!

Picnic season is upon us! Pick up a set of these glass tupperware bowls and support a good cause. West Elm has partnered with FEED in their mission to end world hunger. Each set of 4 bowls purchased will provide 16 meals to American families in need. These are great for toting berries, guacamole, tuna salad and other goodies to your outdoor destination. Plus they're dishwasher safe (not to mention adorable)!