Sadly we have just under three weeks left in the season but I must admit, I quite like September summer - it's finally a comfortable temperature for walking around the city, the best apples are available at the farmer's market, and with all that back-to-school buzz in the air, it's the perfect time to reevaluate, refocus, and refresh. Here are some of the products I've been loving lately that will carry you seamlessly from summer into fall, as your conquer all those big goals of yours before the end of the year!

TOWER 28 ShineOn Lip Jelly
I discovered Tower 28 at Credo in late June and have now tried 3 of their 4 products - none of which have disappointed. I started with the lip jelly. Full disclosure: I’m not usually a lip gloss girl, but these punchy tubes caught my eye and curiosity came over me... Colors in tube are brighter than they appear! The glosses are very sheer, offering a subtle tint and most importantly, a gorgeous sheen without the stickiness. A chic finishing touch to a September sun-kissed face, this accessory will help you ride out the final days of summer in style, but also, who doesn't love a candy apple lip for fall?

TOWER 28 BeachPlease Luminous Tinted Balm
Having been impressed with the lip jelly and S.O.S. Daily Rescue Face Spray (I redeemed my Credo reward points for a travel size mist!), I was eager to try out these new multi-purpose balms which just launched Aug 30th! I purchased shade: Magic Hour over the weekend and have already used it a few times. It's a pinky nude which looks great on my cheeks and a leaves a gorgeous bare hue on my lips. It blends in seamlessly and brightens up my face in the best way, providing the perfect warm flush.

CORPUS Third Rose Deodorant
For those in search of the perfect natural deodorant, look no further. While high summer might seem like a risky time to try a new one, the end of the season is the perfect opportunity for testing. Corpus deodorant had a soft launch last July, and thanks to Instagram it was immediately on my radar. Unfortunately the product was frequently sold out when I tried to purchase online so I couldn't get my hands on one until March when Credo started carrying the brand. (I also wanted to smell it in person before choosing my scent.) I've been hooked on Third Rose ever since. I tend to dislike natural deodorants with coconut oil as I find they often leave white residue on my dark clothes, so I was happy to discover that this is free from coconut oil as well as baking soda, which is a common irritant for some people. The formula glides on easily and the scent is so good that I actually look forward to putting it on. And the minimalist packaging makes this deodorant a chic addition to any bathroom countertop, unlike many which are better kept out of sight! My only warning is that you should be careful when traveling with the deodorant as I think some of the ingredients might liquefy slightly with temperature changes (sometimes the tube is a tad bit slimy when I get home from a trip), so I would not put it in a bag directly with your clothing but rather keep it zipped in a waterproof cosmetic case.

If you've logged a lot of hours at the beach or pool this summer, your hair might be in need of some extra attention. I recommend getting a trim this month and investing a in a deep conditioning mask if you haven't already. And to promote healthy new hair growth, I suggest SuperHair daily supplements from Moon Juice. I've been taking them regularly since they launched this spring, and I've been pleased - it’s worth noting, however, that as with all hair supplements, patience is required; no change happens overnight. The vegan supplements contain ashwagandha and ginseng, bioactive vitamins (B12, D, zinc - to name a few), micronutrients like biotin and iodine, and are free of GMOs, soy, sugar, and gluten.

BRIGHTLAND Lucid Olive Oil
I had been eager to try the Lucid lemon olive oil for some time, so when I saw that it was back in stock this summer with a code for free shipping, I jumped at the chance to order! The taste is so good - high quality olive oil really makes a difference in my opinion (and if you aren't already aware, most of the olive oil in this country is actually watered down with carrier oils and is not the real deal... go ahead, google it), and the subtle lemon flavor is just delightful. Enjoy it in your homemade salad dressings, drizzled on tomatoes, massaged on lacinato kale, and however else you choose! It's the perfect complement to so many late summer farmer's market finds. And when you're finished, repurpose the bottle as a sprig vase so you can continue to enjoy the artful label made in collaboration with Amsterdam artist, B.D Graft!


Photography by Hannah Baik.

Photography by Hannah Baik.

20180908-untitled (54 of 106).jpg

On a recent trip to MoMacha, road work at Houston and Bowery forced me to take a left turn. At first I was slightly annoyed by the detour, but thank goodness for it because I stumbled upon The Detox Market on its third day open! The Detox Market is a natural beauty staple in LA and Toronto and has just made its New York debut on the corner of Houston and Elizabeth St.! It’s fully stocked with all the best natural beauty brands, including some I had never heard of - in fact, I’ve never seen this much inventory in one place! May Lindstrom, Kypris Beauty, Kosas, Josh Rosebrook, Indie Lee, Ilia, Tata Harper, Kjaer Weis, Gressa, Pai Skincare, Agent Nateur...and the list goes on and on. And inner beauty products as well - Moon Juice, Sun Potion, Beauty Chef, etc. If you’re in New York this weekend, head there this Saturday, 9/15 for the grand opening! There will be gifts with purchase and prizes to be won!

Spend the day trying on lipsticks and testing bath salts in their gorgeous sink! Happy shopping!

20180908-untitled (34 of 106).jpg


When I think of summer, I think of backyard barbecues and long days spent by the ocean. But the reality is that I, like many New Yorkers, spend most of my summer in the gritty city heat, with open pores absorbing pollution and sweat, instead of that salty air. Sometimes my “glow” feels more like grease and I tend to breakout more in summer than any other season. A less attractive picture, I realize. But with extra care and thorough but gentle cleansing, you can still maintain a clear complexion all season long. 

My first rule of summer is protection. It’s non-negotiable and rest assured, your older self will thank you for your diligence. So protect during the day, cleanse at night, and soothe your sun-exposed skin while you sleep. Oh, and mask once or twice a week while you’re at it. 

I’m all about the double cleanse before bed. I start with Tata Harper’s Nourishing Oil Cleanser and usually follow up with her Purifying Cleanser, which feeds your skin nutrients while pulling out the bad stuff. Both work best applied to dry skin, so just pat dry between cleansers. The Purifying Cleanser might feel a little thick at first, but as you rub it in it breaks down to a milky oil and glides across the face. Spend extra time massaging your skin with it and rinse off with warm water, following up with a splash of cold to close the pores. 

About once a week or so, I switch out the Purifying Cleanser for this powder-to-foam matcha based cleanser from Odacite. Reason being that for my skin type, I think too frequent use might dry me out. Wear an old tee shirt when using it to avoid any green stains from drippage. The chlorophyll in the Green Ceremony Cleanser is a great detoxifier and the foaming texture makes you feel squeaky clean afterward. This is a good one to use on especially sweaty, grimy summer days. 

After cleansing, follow up with toner to rebalance the skin and prep it for moisturizer. The COQ-10 toner from Indie Lee is a favorite of mine (it’s super gentle, soothing, and hydrating) and the packaging recently changed to a spray applicator. This is excellent news because I used to go through the pour bottles so quickly and also found that they leaked a tiny bit when traveling. Mist it on a cotton pad and wipe off any excess cleanser (there’s usually a little matcha residue I miss when rinsing the Odacite cleanser!). After the face, be sure to wipe your neck off as well. It’s often a neglected area but it needs your love too.

Follow up with face mist and serum. Then apply moisturizer and facial oil at night if that’s your thing. You can also skip moisturizer and go right to oil if you prefer, or simply stick to the former. The Lapis Oil from Herbivore is great for soothing irritated skin, and it’s ideal for oily, combination, and blemish-prone skin. The blue tansy it contains can help reduce redness from irritated skin and aid in clearing the complexion. It’s sold in a set with the Blue Tansy mask for $29 - a real steal for both products. The oil in the set is travel size which is great for A) travel (of course) and B) taking it for a test drive.

During summer days, I skip facial oils and apply spf on top of my regular moisturizer. I  just ordered the SPF 30 elemental sun balm from AKT Therapy and am already in love. It’s a non-nano zinc oxide formula with a subtle tint (if you can even call it that...I find it goes on clear and the tint simply cancels any white cast) in a luxurious, moisturizing balm formula. It is the polar opposite of a thick, chalky sunscreen; it leaves a dewy sheen that lasts all day and has zero signs of whiteness often associated with zinc. Mineral sunscreen provides a physical barrier between the sun and your skin, and as soon as you put it on, you’re protected, unlike chemical sunscreens which require a waiting period before fully effective.

For masks, lately I’m loving the aforementioned Blue Tansy from Herbivore, which comes in the nifty little set. I’m also enjoying the Radiant Glow Mask from Evolve Organic Beauty, a UK brand. This mask contains coconut shell powder to gently slough off dead skin and cacao for an antioxidant boost. It also smells like brownie batter so it feels very indulgent sans the calories! It’s a real treat without compromising the beach bod. 

I hope everyone's summer is off to a fabulous start! 


summer glow.jpg

With the summer solstice just two weeks away, I thought it’d be the perfect time to *highlight* (see what I did there?!) some of my favorite light-catching products that will give you the perfect summer sheen and ethereal glow. See below for my top picks for the season!

I rarely buy a product without testing it first. Last summer I made multiple trips to Credo (my favorite natural beauty spot in Nolita) in search of the perfect highlighter. I tried this serum on multiple occasions, wearing it home and examining it in the honest light of my bathroom - the best place to judge any product in my opinion. After a few wears (and tests with the different shades) I knew I needed to add the Maya Chia serum to my collection! Be sure to shake the bottle vigorously before use, as I do find the product separates a lot and can either come out too thick or too watery. The two main ingredients in the serum are chia seed oil and broccoli seed oil, so you’re feeding your skin nutrients while adding glow. You can mix with your moisturizer or foundation for an all-over glow, or apply in specific areas. I like to lightly pat it onto my cheekbones, let it set for a minute or so and then apply foundation or tinted moisturizer. This way the foundation will blend and blur any signs of the obvious placement and the rest of your face will benefit from a subtle shimmering sheen. I have this in shade “Golden Hour.” It gives a luminous lunar glow.

The living luminizer is one of Rose-Marie Swift’s original products and it has gained a cult following over the years, in addition to winning many beauty awards. If you prefer a natural look but still want that dewy highlight, this is the product for you. It's nice and sheer, blends seamlessly into skin, feels hydrating, and catches light in the most gorgeous way. It doesn’t have any glitter particles so it barely feels like you’re wearing makeup. It comes in a convenient little pot that takes very little real estate in your makeup bag. You can toss it in your purse and reapply between the office and dinner.

With summer, come shorter hemlines and strappy sundresses. With more skin exposed, it’s even more important to exfoliate regularly and stay moisturized. This sugar-based shimmer scrub from Frank Body gently exfoliates, energizes the skin with ground coffee beans, and leaves a gorgeous layer of shimmer on the skin that stays with you long after the shower. Simply apply to your body in the shower and leave it on while you shampoo and condition your hair. Then gently scrub and rinse, towel off, et voilà: glowing goddess. The scrub contains mica which is responsible for the gorgeous shimmer. I like to follow up with the Rose Quartz Body Oil from Herbivore for double the impact!

Linda Rodin, longtime stylist and past fashion editor at Harper’s Bazaar, began mixing oil blends in her bathroom when she couldn’t find the right products on the market. It all started with her luxury face oil, a simple blend of high quality oils, in 2008. Since then the line has expanded to include body oil, hair oil, lip balm, lipsticks, perfume, and more. And the brand just partnered with famed fashion illustrator, Donald Robertson (whom I met yesterday!), to release a limited edition mermaid glow collection. I attended a launch event for the collection yesterday and purchased the illuminating glow powder, which comes in the most adorably illustrated mermaid packaging. The powder itself is stunning - a gorgeous swirl of highlighting shades that can be applied subtly or built up for a full-on luster effect. Get it while you can!